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Top 10 Best Silk Pillowcase 2019 Reviews

Best Silk Pillowcase 2019

Individuals who do not like silk pillowcases don’t exist. There’s simply no reason not to enjoy a silk pillowcase since they are super soft and make you feel as though you’re resting in heaven. When it comes to your comfort level, no additional substance type can conquer silk pillowcases and that’s the reason they have been quite popular among people.

The pillow which you uses along with your bed sheets impact your skin in various ways. Lots of individuals have acne problem which occasionally is related to bad bedding.

The better your sheets and pillow are, the greater your face will look. Speaking about the greater, silk pillowcases aren’t just better but the best you could use to look after your sensitive skin and feel at your best comfort level. Silk pillowcases are easily available on the current market, but you ought to be cautious buying them because lots of the silk pillowcase aren’t purely silk but a combination of silk and another fabric.

We’re going to review the top 10 finest silk pillowcases for each sleeping beauty that you can get without needing to worry about their quality.

10. Celestial Silk Pillowcase

With lots of glowing reviews on Amazon, this pillowcase is beloved by consumers for making their own hair softer and smoother. In addition, but this 25 momme silk pillowcase is also machine washable for greatest convenience and will last quite a long time. As reviewers note, this pillowcase is well-made and the cloth is the same inside and outside.

With a hidden zipper which refrains from sticking out too much, additionally, it won’t slide from your pillow like any additional silk pillowcases do (and you won’t need to be worried about the zipper digging in, either). As with other silk pillowcases, the Celestial will keep your head cool without pulling on your hair.

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✔ Gift Wrapped, For Maximum Convenience✖ Doesn’t Hold Up If You Don’t Take Care Of It
✔ 25 Momme Silk Should Hold Up For a Long Time✖ Color Can Tend to Bleed
✔ Lots Of Colour Options

9. Mulberry Park

With the choice of an overlay flap or a zipper, the Mulberry Park silk pillowcase should be able to please just about anybody in the market for one. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, which should be a blessing for anyone but will surely increase its appeal to specific users.

Those who have purchased one swear by it, and it is also not too expensive to purchase several for your friends and family members. Does this pillowcase stay cool through the night, but it’s also famous for its softness.

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✔ Choice Of An Overlay Flap Or a Zipper✖ Falls Apart If You’re Careless About Care
✔ Pure Mulberry Silk✖ Lack of Color Options
✔ Silk Case On Both Sides

8. Sunflower Silk Pillow Case

With breathable silk , this is a excellent pillowcase for both your hair and skin. Reviewers claim the Sunflower silk pillowcase is much milder than other pillowcases, and you should not pass this up if you are dealing with hair fall, tangles, or breakouts in your face.

There is a zipper so that it does not fall from your pillow, but you should notice that this one should ideally be hand-washed only. Yet another great thing about this one is that any cushion ought to have the ability to fit into it, as it’s a little larger than lots of the alternatives out there.

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✔ Affordable✖ May Not Hold Up In The Wash
✔ Multiple Color Choices✖ May Not be Pure Silk

7. Fishers Finery Mulberry

Not only do reviewers enjoy this pillowcase, but it is also the favorite pillowcase of the Good Housekeeping Institute despite being a bit more expensive than a number of the other options on this listing.

The cloth on the Fishers Finery silk pillowcase isn’t only extremely durable (so far as silk pillowcases go), but also has exceptional moisture-wicking skills so you’ll never have to manage night sweats again.

It is cool and soft to the touch, which is probably just what you’re searching for in a silk pillowcase, and it will not leave your hair in a tangled mess for when you awake in the morning (or afternoon, or whenever).

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✔ Wicks Moisture Better Than Some Other Options✖ Can Feel Stiff Even With Hand Washing
✔ Breathable Silk Pillowcase✖ More Expensive Than Some Of The Other Options On This List
✔ Good Housekeeping Institute’s Top Pick✖ Some Users Complain About It Falling Apart

6. BEDSURE Satin

This set of lace silk pillowcases is a wonderful deal for anybody looking to eliminate bedhead and wrinkles on your face. As with other satin pillowcases, this one will also reduce friction with your own hair, but it seems that this one is a polyester mix instead of purely made out of silk.

However, people love these pillowcases for their hair, even if it is not a massive advantage for their skin and such. It is still breathable, and very much affordable with regard to the additional silk pillowcases on the listing.

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✔ Prevents Messy Hair✖ Could Be Smoother
✔ 2 For The Price Of 1✖ Not Pure Silk

5. ALASKA BEAR Natural

A great deal of people opt for silk pillowcases since they have skin that is prone to breakouts, which they surely help with. The Alaska Bear natural silk pillowcase uses only natural dyes, which is a terrific benefit for anyone with sensitive skin as some people are allergic to chemical-based cloth dyes.

This is an affordable, well made silk pillowcase which could tolerate being machine washed, unlike any versions which may fall apart if you routinely do this. With a excellent color selection and raving reviews praising the Alaska Bear for all that it does for hair and skin, you should not think twice about this one.

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✔ Natural Dyes✖ Sometimes Falls Apart In The Wash
✔ Great Selection Of Colors✖ More Expensive than other models
✔ Well Made

4. ZIMASILK Mulberry

The ZIMASILK pillowcase is made of pure mulberry silk, comes in a complete array of colors, and includes a hidden zipper to keep it from slipping off your pillow even if you toss and turn all night long.

Produced from 19 momme silk with a thread count of 600, this pillowcase ought to be powerful enough to last in the event you properly care for it. While everyone who’s bought a silk pillowcase appears to swear by them, this is a reasonable option that comes with all the advantages.

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✔ Hidden Zipper✖ Fabric Is Thin and Tends To Wrinkle
✔ Affordable✖ Some Users Complain That It Varies From The Photos
✔ Great Selection Of Colors

3. Ravmix Mulberry Slip

The Ravmix silk pillowcase is made of pure mulberry silk, with a weight of 21 mommes. This means it should last you a long time, and it includes a hidden zipper to help hold it in place. You get a complete number of colour choices, and the cloth is totally breathable.

Customers love this pillowcase since it reduces hairfall the same as silk pillowcases are known to do. Provided that you properly care for it by washing it on the gentle cycle, the Raymix should last you a long time because the seams are durable.

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✔ Affordable✖ Zipper Could Be Better Quality
✔ Great Selection Of Color Choices✖ Tends to Fray If Not Properly Cared For
✔ Breathable and Hypoallergenic


This 19-momme pillowcase provides all the benefits for your skin and hair that silk pillowcases are famous for, and it is quite affordable too. If you’re looking for less hair breakage and fall — or fewer blemishes on your face the YANIBEST silk pillowcase will provide you them without breaking the bank.

The simple fact is that you will not need to pay out a lot on a silk pillowcase, and yet still wake up with fewer tangles and such.

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✔ Mae From Unbleached Fabric✖ Some Say It’s Not Worth The Money
✔ Great Selection Of Colors✖ Seems to Be a Polyester Mix, According to Some Reviews
✔ Offers All The Advantages Of Silk For Your Skin and Hair at an Affordable Price✖ Can Fall Apart If Not Properly Cared For

1. SLPBABY Silk Pillowcase

This pillowcase completes our list of 10 best pillowcases on the market. It’s not just design for your ideal comfort level but also designed to look great.

The beautiful water color prints provides a refreshing sight to your eyes. It is a 100% mulberry silk and if you’re considering giving a pillowcase for a gift. This pillowcase just be your own choice. It’s been loved by the consumers and have been rated .

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✔ Affordable✖ The Patterns Can be a Little Rough
✔ Feels Luxurious✖ Zipper Can Get Stuck
✔ Great Selection of Colors and Patterns

What’s The Best Silk Pillowcase?

A greater momme number suggests a heavier weight, which generally costs more. With thicker silk, you can get more applications out if it. A heavier silk pillowcase will still keep its original form and condition, even with washing machine. So selecting a pillowcase with a greater momme means it’ll last longer.

When it comes to choosing a pillowcase based on what you would like to prevent, there are not many rules. Provided that it is real silk rather than satin or a faux silk cloth, your skin and hair will get the benefits. 1 recommendation: Be mindful when you’ve got a sensitive skin type. In cases like this, picking a white or non-dyed option may avoid any aggravation caused by the substances or components used to dye pillowcases.

Final Thoughts

Silk pillowcases drop in and out of tendencies, but they’re a really comfortable alternative to cotton. For those who have problems with dry skin and wavy hair, you may try silk for less friction. It might also help prevent things like acne or wrinkles by eliminating moisture from the skin. If your moisture does not get sucked into the pillow, it is not as likely to mold or grow germs.

The principal requirement for silk pillows is that you must be okay with washing the pillowcase by hand to keep the delicate fibers. If you are more the type that cleans all of your linens and clothes together for simplicity, a silk pillowcase may be more trouble than it is worth for you.

If you can handle it, you may be really delighted with the way the silk feels to you. If it provides benefits such as healthy hair and skin, more relaxed sleeping, and better comfort, it may be worthwhile to hand wash, right?

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