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Best Memory Foam Pillow 2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Memory Foam Pillow 2019

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a material that’s made of polyurethane and is very sensitive to pressure, temperature and touch. Memory foam is most widely utilized in mattresses, and mattress made from this dense material is extremely comfortable as they shape and hug the sleeper’s body.

Apart from mattresses however, memory foam pillows also have become increasingly popular during the last couple of decades. This is in part because things made from this springy material are extremely durable and greatly supportive. There are two major types of memory foam: initial memory foam and gel memory foam.

Original memory foam: this sort of memory foam was first crafted by NASA as a bid to make their aircraft cushions safer and more comfy. After producers saw how comforting and valuable this substance could be, they started using it to create mattresses, pillows and other things.

Gel memory foam: this sort of memory foam is infused with teeny tiny gel beads that help with facilitating airflow. This will help to keep the sleeper cool all night long. Gel memory foam also has a reputation for being super strong and very inviting, possibly even more resilient than traditional memory foam. Much like traditional memory foam products, movement transfer is small to none, and it helps reduce pains from poor posture.

20. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This is an perfect pillow for back and side sleepers, offering help to your head and neck to ease pressure points with ease and comfort. This pillow has a medium firm feel for optimum comfort.

This pillow is breathable to permit air to cool you and the pillow as you sleep, thus making a more perfect sleep temperature compared to a number of other cushions on the market today. It’s made from 100% foam and has a removable polyester cover for simple cleaning.

This pillow has obtained give you peace of mind that you aren’t placing your head straight on something that’s full of potentially harmful compounds.

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✔ 5-Year Guarantee✖ Comes Only In Standard Size, No King Option
✔Reduce Pain And Stiffness✖ Slight Chemical Smell Initially
✔ MADE IN THE USA✖ Less Than Ideal For Stomach Sleeping
✔ Breath ability

19. Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Gel

If you’re trying to get an extremely comfortable, supportive and heating cushion that’s also affordable, then you need to carefully think about this product. It’s extremely innovative, a top quality cooling foam that’s designed with a triple heating technologies. This specific cooling pillow uses gel foam, venting and stage changing gel surface extract to ensure a cooler sleeping substance. With this pillow, you can be rest assured it will stay cooler longer.

An extra advantage is that it’s been demonstrated to last and consequently is backed by a 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee. In it’s also equipped with a pin core venting system that keeps air circulating so as to stop build-up of warmth and moisture. With this pillow, there’s the perfect balance between service, comfort and coolness. Just 1 side of the pillow is coated using the PCM gel, hence, it’s just one cool side. However, the other hand may be utilised in cooler weathers whereas the gel coated side is excellent for summer. Additionally, it includes a removable bamboo cover that’s machine washable.

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✔ 3 Year Warranty✖ To Adjust Firmness, You Must Adjust Layer Inside The Pillow, Not Ideal For Those Who Sleep In Multiple Positions
✔ Removable Layers For Comfort In Every Sleep Position
✔ Breathable Cover to Increase Airflow
✔ Triple Cooling Technologies

18. FY-LIVING Reversible Cool Gel

The cool gel overlay side is for additional cooling feature, which perfectly disperses your own body heat and have you a more cooler and more comfortable sleep. You may decide which side is ideal for you at various times and places.
The cool gel pillow responds to pressure and temperature to mould to your shape by producing the ideal support for your head, neck and shoulders, allowing your muscles using a complete relax through the evening. You will fall in love !

The pillow has been popular among users of different ages because it can solve health issues and alleviate pains, such as cervical and neck pain, snoring, insomnia, cranial neuralgia, stroke and lack of concentration, etc..
The pillow is terrific for all sleeping positions and body contours, whether you’re a side or back sleeper.

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✔ Ideal For All Sleeping Positions✖ Higher Than Most Standard Pillows to Start
✔ 100% Polyester Cover
✔ Fully Adjustable
✔ Naturally Cooling

17. Formtastic Contour Pillow with Bamboo Fibre and Cotton Cover

Another contoured pillow to increase the list, this pillow by Formtastic is well designed and flexible for many sleeping places. The wave contour of the pillow adjusts to your neck and head and is usable in many positions to provide you perfect support no matter your perfect sleeping position.

The cover is eco friendly and machine washable.

The memory foam within this pillow is made with hevea milk, also called rubber tree sap, to offer you the feel and support of classic bamboo fiber foam foam, but without the compounds associated with that. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties can help this pillow to survive more than your standard alternatives.

This manufacturer makes no mention of a trial period or a warranty like many other people on this listing.

✔ Made With Breathable Bamboo Fibres✖ Lifespan Shorter Than Most Memory Foam Pillows
✔ Washable Cover✖ No Guarantee or Trial to Be Found
✔ Eco-Friendly Materials✖ Not Ideal For Stomach Sleepers
✔ Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, and Dust Mite Resistant

16. Snug Single Contour

It includes airflow stations to promote breathability, so you won’t get too hot in the evening. The cover is machine washable with Purotex technologies to keep it comfortable and fresh for years to come.

This is another product that’s made in the united kingdom and tested to be safe and low in off-gassing. A computer adds ventilation by cutting the visco-elastic memory foam within this pillow to improve airflow. It includes a one-year guarantee; among the shortest guarantees we’ve seen thus far.

This pillow is contoured, unlike the other cushions we’ve reviewed up to now. As we explained previously, contouring means that this pillow may work for many sleep styles and positions. Simply by turning the pillow around, you should have the ability to get just the ideal service where you need it the most.

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✔ Ventilated for Temperature Control✖ Ultra-Dense and Heavy, Not Good For Stomach Sleeping
✔ Safe and Allergy Resistant✖ Off Gasses and Smells of Chemicals For a Week or So<>/td
✔ Contoured for Personalized Comfort✖ Very High, May be Unsuitable For Some
✔ Holds Shape Well

15. TAMPOR Orthopaedic

This pillow comes in three different sizes, but the one we’re reviewing today is the normal height adjustable version. The design permits you to unzip the inner casing to readily remove excess foam from the pillow to improve your comfort even in the event that you sleep in different positions every evening.

The pillow cover is made of cotton and polyester, so it’s washable to keep cleanliness. Additionally it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to assist sensitive sleepers to find the best rest possible. Additionally, the pillow has obtained an OEKO-TEX certificate, so you know that it will not give off toxic compounds.

The TAMPOR Orthopaedic pillow includes a 30-day trial to ensure your satisfaction. It’s made out of high quality memory foam inside, and a gel infused memory foam liner to improve breathability and help to keep you cool as you sleepon a warm summer afternoon.

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✔ OEKO-TEX Certified For Safety✖ Even Without Inner Foam Strips, The Outer Layer Can Be Too High For Stomach and Back Sleepers
✔ Machine Washable Cover✖ The Foam Strips Inside Can Fuse Together Under Pressure and Heat
✔ Ideal For All Sleeping Positions
✔ Adjustable Height and Density

14. Supportiback® Comfort Therapy

This pillow is encouraged as the very best in the company for reducing upper back and disk pain, and to help promote your comfort following soldier or back surgeries. The pillow includes two unique sides to let you pick the comfort level that’s ideal for you, even though that changes night by night.

It includes a cooling gel on one side, so on hot summer nights, you can turn your pillow to this side to get the best heating and moisture wicking technology.

If you are overly chilly on a winter night, turn the pillow over to the side. You will sink right in and stay snuggly warm all night long. Besides the cooling technology, this pillow comes with pressure sensitive memory foam that contours to your head and neck as you proceed throughout the evening.

The comfortable Therapy pillow includes a 30-day trial to ensure your satisfaction, in addition to a free eBook to learn all about back health and allow you to attain optimal health.

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✔ Cooling Technology✖ Smaller Than a Standard Pillow
✔ Non-Toxic; Lead and BPA Free✖ It Has a Chemical Smell Right Out Of The Box
✔ Designed by Doctors For Optimal Orthopaedic Health✖ Lack of Breath ability
✔ Adjustable to Your Needs

13. Simba Luxury

If you’re seeking a simple memory foam pillow with a new dedicated to using the most recent technologies to give you the best night’s sleep possible, the Simba pillow may be the one for you.

This pillow is excellent for back and side-sleepers because of its firmness. It’s made from 100% hypoallergenic materials to offer sensitive sleepers safety in knowing that allergens won’t disturb their slumber. The polyester cover is hypoallergenic and machine washable, so cleanliness should not be a problem with the Simba.

The cushions are made from viscoelastic polyurethane, that is the latest and best in memory foam technology in the marketplace.

Unlike a lot of memory foam pillows, the interior region of the pillow can really be sponge cleaned as you wash the outer cover. This is encouraging for the germ conscious among us.

✔ Firm Support For Back✖ One Size Fits All Mentality, No Way To Adjust Comfort
✔ Anti-Allergy✖ No Mention Of Guarantee or Trial Period
✔ Newest Technology for Support and Comfort

12. Panda Luxury Bamboo Pillow

The Panda pillow includes the best guarantee we’ve seen thus far at ten decades. Additionally, if you are not 100% satisfied with this pillow at any time, you can return it for a complete refund or free replacement. The manufacturer is confident you will love this pillow, and we can see why.

The hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and antibacterial bamboo cover aids in temperature control because it allows the cushion to breathe and maintains optimum airflow.

This pillow is made from three layers of viscoelastic memory foam, which utilizes the newest technology to ensure perfect support as recommended by physicians. This pillow is suggested for side and stomach sleepers as it helps to support the head and maintain the neck aligned with the spine.

For back sleepers, the panda pillow may also do the job, but it may also be too high for some. If you regularly find that firmer cushions aren’t quite firm enough as a back sleeper, then you could realize that the panda pillow is the one for you.

✔ Hypoallergenic And Antibacterial✖ Same Support Throughout Pillow, Not Adjustable to Individual Need
✔ Three-Layer Design Prevents Denting and Provides Optimal Support✖ Off-Gassing/Chemical Smell
✔ Great For Side and Stomach Sleepers
✔ Breathable Temperature Control

11. TEMPUR Traditional Pillow

TEMPUR is called the company that actually attracted memory foam mattresses popularity to where it is now. This is a trustworthy brand, so we understand their cushions are certain to be just as high quality and trustworthy as their mattresses.

It also includes a 100% cotton cover that’s both washable and removable for your convenience. The pillow includes a three-year guarantee to offer you ultimate peace of mind.

The conventional Pillow is made of shredded TEMPUR foam for additional pliability. Due to the shredded foam used in the cushion, the business recommends daily fluffing to keep it in an perfect stability and make it last.

The materials used in this pillow are allergen and dust mite resistant, so you may find comfort in knowing you will not have to manage extreme allergy suffering as you sleep.

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✔ 3-Year Guarantee✖ Not Ideal For Back or Stomach Sleepers
✔ Dust Mite and Allergen Resistant✖ Retains Heat
✔ Trusted Company✖ Shredded Foam Requires Additional Work To Keep Up Quality
✔ Washable Cover

10. Coop Home Good

This shredded pillow is made of a blend of premium materials luxurious memory foam and microfiber blend which makes it super reassuring and incredibly easy to touch. It includes a detachable bamboo-derived rayon cooling system cover. It’s dust-mite resistant and comes overstuffed which lets you personalize your pillow to your preferred height and firmness.

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✔ Hypoallergenic✖ Off-Gassing is Evident But Diminishes After a Few Days
✔ Sleeps Cool as It Has Great Ventilation✖ Pricey
✔ Comes In Three Sizes
✔ Great For Side Sleepers

9. LinenSpa Shredded Pillow

This shredded memory foam pillow features a gel memory foam encasement enclosing the shredded foam. The gel encasement not only keeps the pillow soft and smooth, but additionally, it has tiny gel beads that promote good airflow flow, breathability and a cool and relaxing sleep.

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✔ Comfortable✖ Off-Gassing
✔ Affordable
✔ Supportive
✔ Sleeps Cool

8. Malouf Z Zoned Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow comes with a pin-core design which leads to zoned support  meaning bigger holes in smaller and middle holes towards the exterior which leads to greater support. There’s absolutely not any requirement for fluffing or plumping since it keeps consistent form. Its Dough formulation makes the pillow super soft and more doughy than other memory foam pillows. This pillow has a bamboo velour cover that’s smooth, soft and reassuring.

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✔ Hypoallergenic✖ May Be Too Hard For Some
✔ Breathable✖ Strong Rubber Smell
✔ Three Loft Options
✔ Cradles and Contours to Your Head

7. Classic Brands Conforma Ventilatedw

This pillow is designed to cater to back, side and stomach sleepers and it contours perfectly to your face shape. This means you will experience a calm, comfortable and supportive sleep all night long.

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✔ Fully Washable✖ Higher Price Point
✔ Sleeps Cool✖ Some Off-Gassing
✔ Hypoallergenic
✔ Helps Spinal Alignment

6. Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

The memory foam pillow from Iso-Cool adopts a gusset design which supplies a fantastic quantity of lift and some additional comfort and support to your neck and back. It is excellent for side sleepers and shapes well to your own weight.

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✔ Sleeps Cool✖ Firmness May Be Too Hard For Some
✔ Good For Side Sleepers✖ Off-Gassing
✔ Hypoallergenic
✔ Removable and Machine Washable Cover

5. SensorPEDIC Luxury Molded Memory Foam Pillow

This memory foam pillow features a distinctive design that allows for zoned ventilation, which means that you’ll experience a relaxing and cool nights sleep.

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✔ Durable✖ Not So Thick
✔ Sleeps Cool✖ Higher Price Tag
✔ Soft Yet Sturdy
✔ Supportive

4. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

Although a lot of critics might say this 2.3 inch pillow is too thin, it’s truly perfect for both stomach and back sleepers. Why? Because when sleeping in these places your head and neck shouldn’t be too high (or too low) since this would lead to the surface of your spine curving which could lead to neck and back problems farther down the line. This ultra slim sleeper pillow is an exceptional solution, as it also provides excellent support for all those precious locations.

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✔ Removable and Washable Cover✖ Could Be Too Thin For Larger Sleepers
✔ Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers✖ Higher Price Tag
✔ Supportive

3. Comfort & Relax Ventilated Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Proper pillow provides you comfort and support concurrently, letting you receive fantastic sleep, helping alleviate health problems like upper back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness, and tension headaches.

Visco Elastic memory foam pillow responds to pressure and temperature to mould to your shape by producing the all-around support for your head, neck and shoulders. As soon as you lay down on the pillow, your mind will gradually sink into the pillow only enough to hold your mind in the best location possible and you’ll be able to sleep more soundly.

This pillow is constructed from premium ventilated Air Cell technology gel memory foam, promoting airflow to keep the neck and head cool during sleep.
It’s believed to improve respiratory function for deep breathing which can enhance sleep.

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✔ Removable and Washable Cover✖ May Be Too Thin For Larger Individuals
✔ Offers Great Pressure Relief and Neck Support
✔ Good For Side and Back Sleepers

2. Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The great Life Basics Shredded memory foam pillow was praised for its durability and overall supporting ability. Owing to the shredded bits, this pillow has great air flow enabling you to enjoy a cool night’s sleep without overheating. It comes vacuum packed but expands fairly quickly upon unpacking and has a pure-natural bamboo instance that’s truly soft and smooth.

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✔ Cradles and Contour Comfortably to Your Head✖ Heavy
✔ The Bamboo Cover Sleeps Cool
✔ Great for all Sleeping Positions

1. Nakita Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This design pillow is a fantastic product if you’re somebody who sleeps on their back and that suffers from neck issues or pains. Additionally, it will work well for side sleepers. Using a wave-like groove in the center, it is 10 cm tall at its highest and 7 cm at its lowest. It’s terrific for contouring to your mind and encouraging your next to decrease pressure and alleviate the pain.

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✔ Machine Washable Cover✖ Some Customers Have Reported That It Takes a While to Expand to Its Full Size After Unpacking
✔ Breathable For Cool Sleep
✔ Excellent Support For Neck and Head


Having a cozy pillow is vital to get a good nights sleep and the pillows made of this foam is going to do the job perfectly. As a result of their adaptability to different body shapes, memory foam pillows will maintain excellent shape to your head, shoulders and neck therefore providing relief for pressure points that cause pain. Unlike feathered pillows, which support your neck but still not satisfactorily enough, memory foam pillows do not give you a stiff neck when you awaken in the morning. Furthermore, they’ll eliminate movement transfer by creating equilibrium, and as a bonus, the memory foam pillow will keep your spine aligned. What is more, memory foam pillow is fantastic for those with sensitive skin, are antibacterial and do not collect dust! When you wash it, you should not have some issues because the memory foam pillow has a detachable pillow case and is easy to wash. The fact that memory foam pillow allows air to flow freely through it says a whole lot about its advantages, this means it stays cool and will not leave you in a sweaty mess!


So there you have it, these are our best choices for memory foam pillows offering fantastic support, comfy contouring and a really restful nights sleep. But of course we must select a favorite! Even though these pillows have excellent ratings.

It’s our winner due to its stained foam design that comes overstuffed allowing you to really customize the attic height and depth to your desired requirements. It is made from luxury materials, is super comfortable, is quite supportive and lets you sleep cool. It’s very good for all sleeping places but recommended mainly for side sleepers.

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