ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review and Buying Guide

Pregnant women often require a few additional comforts to make it through these nine long months. Well-fitting maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, and ice cream can usually work! However, for sleeping problems, pregnant women can rest much easier by using a pregnancy pillow. These pillows are made for use in all three trimesters and outside. They cradle a woman’s changing and growing body, relieving joint strain and muscular pain.


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Product Overview

The Full Body Pregnancy Pillow By ComfySure is an extra large pillow. It measures in at about 19 x 11 x 10 inches, so it will be the only pillow you can fit on the bed, but it should be the only pillow you need. It takes up most of a king and queen-sized bed. This long size makes it great for moms on the taller side! The design also means that you won’t be able to roll over in the night, which is both a good and bad thing. It can be used for sleeping, relaxing, and even wrapped around to help with breastfeeding.

The pillow is made from 100% polyester fibers. This is a hypoallergenic fiber, so it is terrific for moms to be and babies equally. Additionally, it provides somewhat firm support without flattening over time. The size and filling of this pillow give it some heft it weighs almost 8 lbs!

While it is primarily designed for the would-be and the lactating moms, the best maternity pillow can be used by anyone for comfortable sleeping with unique arm and neck support. It can be used for sleeping, relaxing, and even wrapped around to help with breastfeeding. Cleaning is easy. You may wash the zippered pillow cover in the washing machine for effortless cleanup.


This Pillow Is Hypoallergenic. Too Large for Some People.
Helps Keep The Total Body Relaxed. It’s Not Thick Enough.
Tummy, Arm & Neck Support. It’s Heavy and Difficult to Move.
Machine Washable.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Design: This uniquely designed J shaped ComfySure pregnancy pillow provides perfect support to the stomach, neck, back, legs, and muscles of pregnant woman alleviate pain associated with these areas. J-shape of the pillow supports the pregnant stomach in a well way to alleviate the discomfort of sleeping common during pregnancy.
  • Tossing and Turning: This pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic fabric and is specially designed in the comfiest and coziest substances, providing the perfect amount of support that will keep you comfy all night and remove the need for continuous repositioning that occurs when you use a more economical pillow with less support.
  • Comfortable Position: The best thing about cushion is that it’s not just for sleeping better but also the curative and recommended by the doctors. From getting a comfortable sleeping position to find a fantastic nursing place, this pillow is a one-stop destination for all would be mothers to gain its benefit on the long journey.
  • Weight: The pillow weighs about 6.65 lbs and provides great support to the belly. The additional length and additional filling ensure additional comfort and coziness to the consumer. It may be repositioned for numerous purposes and ensuring a high degree of pleasure each time.
  • Extra Long: This J-Shaped Body Pregnancy Pillow is produced using 100% polyester and is perfect notwithstanding for individuals with hypersensitivities and touchy skin or other therapeutic conditions. It is likewise ideal for newborn children to lay on while bosom encouraging. This Body Pillow additional expansive full body pad measures 28.5″ x 58″, perfect notwithstanding for ruler and extra large beds.


Who Should Buy This Product?

The ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow Though intended for expecting or breastfeeding mothers, this multi-formed body pad also helps side sleepers, offers paunch, neck and arm bolster, and soothes distress and discomfort. Use for a relaxing or perusing pad, or watching TV. It offers lumbar help, expects rest repositioning, and calms hurts associated with sciatica, gastric reflux and then some.

This Pillow can supplant all other bed pads and pads for you to appreciate full solace and restorative advantages. To clean, just hurl the cushion into the washing machine on a frosty, fragile cycle. This pillow additional long makes an awesome blessing or present for new nursing mothers.


Consider These Factors When Choosing The ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow


ComfySure has made this pillow with 100-percent polyester, hypoallergenic material, therefore it can promote healthy sleep and prevent unnecessary placement. Additionally, the pillow is extra-long and conforms to the body so as to spread support throughout the entire body. Physicians and chiropractors recommend it and see it as a natural remedy to a number of pregnancy-related complications.


The hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy sometimes trigger respiratory and skin allergy symptoms regardless of the fact that an expectant mom didn’t have a prior history of sensitivities. The synthetic materials within pregnancy pillows are hypoallergenic. The removable, washable covers are usually manufactured using 100 percent polyester.


The pillow is designed to assist you to lounge while breastfeeding your baby through your day as it provides you additional support when breastfeeding your baby. It’s also ideal for providing extra support and comfort for women that are pregnant and need a bit more rest and back support.


To clean, just throw the pillow into the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle. This extra-long makes a great gift or present for new nursing moms, expecting mothers or baby showers.



Women realize that the benefits offered by pregnancy pillows continue following the birth of their baby. The elevated pillow sides provide sufficient, comfy support whilst breastfeeding baby. The curved shaped upper area of the pillow supplies neck and back support when preferring a sitting posture. The period of the cushions also makes them suitable for positioning from a mattress and the wall, that ensures baby’s safety when lying on their parent’s bed. As the child grows and transitions to a junior or full-sized twin bed, the pillow may be used to cradle youngsters and prevent them from rolling out of bed.

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