The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow review

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow 2019 Review and Buying Guide

As your pregnancy progresses, your sleep may start to be interrupted because of a number of factors. Even though you might not be able to control each the disruptive problems that arise, you can take charge of your personal relaxation to keep that from being a source of your nocturnal restlessness.



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An ever-changing body through pregnancy can result in a number of unexpected occurrences, namely your sleep position might have to be shifted radically to accommodate these changes. Back, stomach, hip, and leg support are common demands throughout the night, and pillows are an exceptional way to help provide that added comfort.


Product Overview

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is a must-have sleeping merchandise as it provides much-needed support for your buttocks, stomach, back, and neck.

It’s designed specifically for comfort and flexibility. It’s built to match the needs of pregnant women that hope to gain relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy and receive a refreshing and restful night’s sleep. After delivery, this pillow will even help you get through postpartum recovery.


Key Features and Benefits

Total body pillow

It serves the purpose of numerous cushions and thus it’s called as a total body pillow. It’s one enormous pillow, which does the job of many cushions when kept and used collectively. This is useful to reduce the complexity of maintaining and handling many pillows together when required.

Removable cover

The cover of this pillow is easily removable and can be cleaned to wash it. If it becomes cluttered then the issue of cleaning doesn’t arise as it’s removable and washable which enables the user to keep the complete body pillow always hygiene and cleanliness. This feature increases the cleanliness of the people since it’s washable.


This makes it more comfortable and flexible, particularly for a pregnant woman.

This pillow keeps you warm during the night and yet still ensures that you stay cool and dry. This is possible due to the materials used in cotton and polyester that is extremely breathable.


Reducing and removing aches and pains

With this pillow, you don’t need to worry about back pain as you can place it in between your legs and alongside the knees for appropriate support. This is extremely useful when it comes to eliminating those pesky pregnancy leg cramps. When correctly positioned, the pillow enhances your ability to breathe, which makes you feel comfortable and effective at relieving heartburn and sleep apnea, among other issues related to pregnancy.


The pillow contours perfectly to your body contour, letting you enjoy the comfort, support, and relaxation you’re searching for during the evening.

✔ duces aches and pains✖ Standard cover is difficult to put back on
✔ Supports back and hips very well✖ Space consuming compared to a regular pillow
✔ Soft fabric
✔ Contours to your body


Who Should Buy This Product?

This pillow is excellent for women who tend to toss and turn at night due to their pregnancy. The extra weight can make it awkward to break, and that is where a full-body solution assists. It removes all those aches that develop within the body as long as you’re using it on a regular basis. Those who use it says it will not get better than that for this reason.

Healthy benefits

If you’re fighting with one of the above health problems, then you can gain from this body pillow.

Pillow mountain on your bed

For those who have a mountain of cushions on your bed exchanging them to the Snoogle pillow will provide you the exact same support but additional space.

Consider these factors when choosing a Pregnancy Pillow:


At first glance, this pillow might appear expensive. However, together with the Total Body Pillow, you also find supreme relaxation and the assurance of a great night’s sleep.

Adjustable fit

Alternatively, completely wrap the pillow around your body to offer complete upper body support. The sheer number of possibilities for the usage of this pillow makes it excellent value for money.

Buy new

This pillow is very flexible and has various uses. Not only can you use it during your term of pregnancy, you may keep on using it after you’ve given birth, either for sleeping or to assist with nursing. It can even be used to offer comfort during labor and to alleviate any discomforts which could make the process more stressful.


You can completely change your sleep with the remarkable Snoogle Pillow. It had been created by a professional nurse who’s also a mother. This means that its distinctive design is largely tailored to the needs of pregnant ladies.

Additionally, it’s one of the simplest covers to wash, and that’s always a great thing for women that are trying to find something that’s straightforward. If the objective is to stay healthy while sleeping, this must be on top of the list.

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