QUEEN ROSE U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

The QUEEN ROSE U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review 2019

Many pregnancy sleep struggles come from just not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in. How to Make the Right Choices?

The Queen Rose pillow has turned out to give aid to many pregnant women. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping pregnant, think about this pillow. The gentle support of the premium pregnancy pillow is guaranteed to assist you to attain a deep sleep again Additionally, using this pregnancy pillow can help support your spine or your abdomen and legs based on what place it is used in. And, the cotton cover is easy to remove and wash with the dual zipper lock. First and foremost, you will eventually be able to get a rest without being in so much distress.


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Product Overview

This U-shaped body pillow frees you as you snuggle into it. Filled with bionic polyethylene, it’s a soft, high-density fluffy pillow which takes the shape of your body as you lie or sit on it. It includes a removable cover in trendy pink and blue that’s soothing to check out. It’s guaranteed to give support not just to your shoulders and head but to your back and belly too.

It’s a multifunctional pillow suitable for sleeping, sitting, and relaxing. So whether you’re studying or watching your favorite show, you can do this in sublime comfort.

The Queen Rose body pillow is guaranteed to provide you with sweet relief if you’ve been getting sore waist after sitting for a while as it includes a superb waist support. Additionally, it will stop your legs from swelling up. The reason is that the pillow allows for enhanced blood flow to each part of the body. It is also possible to fold the pillow extension as an armrest when relaxing with a book. All you’ve got to do is fold it back and put your elbow on it.

If you’re accustomed to sleeping on your back, you might find it tough to sleep as soon as you reach the second trimester of pregnancy. And you do not even need to think about the pillow fitting your framework. Even when you’re up to 6 ft. tall, it is going to fit you.

I should mention here that this body pillow isn’t helpful for pregnant women only. In case you’ve been suffering from back pain, this pillow is guaranteed to provide you with relief. Even once you turn over in your sleep, you don’t need to rearrange the pillow because it molds to encourage you whichever side you turn to. A client also reported how it’s been beneficial to her non-pregnant daughter who suffers from arthritis in her back and how this pillow has helped her to enjoy a comfortable sleep.



The body pillow is a fantastic support for the baby while breastfeeding. This means your baby will have the ability to lie in a comfortable position and you won’t need to put your neck out of joint for an infant to have the ability to latch on correctly.

You might get the cover slightly scratchy and of low quality as some clients reported. Sewing your own cover also means that you don’t have to be worried about the zipper of the first cover breaking and leaving the pillow vulnerable.

Another thing is that you might find this pillow taking up much space in your bed for those who have a little bed.

Another beautiful thing about purchasing this pillow is that you can return or exchange it if you’re unhappy with the product. So what are you waiting for? Click here to find the Queen Rose Pillow and state bye-bye to pain.

Key Features and Benefits

Design in the expert team that made this versatile and colorful pillow. It’s incredibly comfortable because of its lavish filling and soft cotton cover.

The maternity pillow comes in a U-shape with two legs which are contoured to be ordered able to support your body. The pillow uses three chief components to encourage, elevate and supply comfort during the evening.

The U-shape is particularly crucial to comfort because you can snuggle down to the center and surround yourself with the plush pillow. You’ll feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud or are on the receiving end of a warm hug all night long!


✔ Soft and fluffy filling✖ Doesn’t remain cool like other pillows
✔ Lightweight✖ Not portable
✔ Very plush and comfortable✖ Unique colors won’t suit all tastes
✔ Can be used during pregnancy and post-partum✖ Large and takes up a lot of room in the bed
✔ Boosts blood circulation
✔ U-shape hugs the entire body
✔ Side arms help to support the stomach and spine
✔ Supports your back, hip, shoulders, and pelvic regions
✔ Machine washable cover
✔ Promotes healthy sleep
✔ 90-day guarantee


This pillow has been described as the best friend for pregnant women. because it relieves discomfort and helps pregnant women find a position that’s comfortable to sleep in.

It’s fluffy, firm and easy to look after, which is a major benefit when you have had it for some time. Most users explain this pillow for a blessing or among the most comfortable pillows they’ve ever had. In actuality, most women maintain the pillow long after their child has stopped breastfeeding!

There have been some complaints regarding the pillow being too large and split zippers that may be an annoying inconvenience.

The bright colorful cover has also deterred many, because of differences in flavor. This pillow has a special appearance which may not be appreciated by everybody.

At the end of the day, there do not appear to be complaints regarding quality and stability, that is the indication of a successful product. The Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow is excellent for anybody who wants to find optimum comfort when going to bed at night.

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